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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  July 1, 2011 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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good morning, welcome to 9news now, happy new month of july, i'm andrea roane. >> and happy friday, i'm surae chinn in for mike hydeck, welcome to 9news now, but olgo, hi. >> as she pointed out. girl power in morning. >> absolutely, doing it in
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forced to. we had a great forecast. nice conditions this morning if you're stepping out to walk the dog or maybe take the early morning stroll, going to be very, very nice. our day planner today is featuring a lot of sunshine. we're used to that though. plenty of it yesterday and continue it today and even thunderstorm things should look pretty nice for most of us. i'm expecting temperatures the move out of the cool and breezy 60s by mid-morning. by mid-morning into the 80s and i think by noon, you night want to take the lunch outside as we hit about 82 degrees. winds will be out of the north and northwest still and the drier air is in place. by later on this afternoon, we'll top out in the middle range and hit the middle 80s for this afternoon. currently at 74 degrees in the city center. but out in the suburbs a nice cool 60s to enjoy this morning.
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definitely going to see the opportunity for some warmer weather coming up later on in the seven day forecast. now a check of the early look on the roads. appreciate it olga. right now we're taking a look with the green light. no major problems the report. on the beltway on the inner loop in maryland, construction between new hampshire and maryland avenue. and also work on 202 and also at allentown road. in virginia, the inner loop and outer loop between 267 and 66, that's where you're going to find the ongoing construction. and also the inner loop ramp from 267 is still closed until 5:00 a.m.. still ahead more work zones to watch out for. that's coming up at 4:31. back to you. here are some stories this friday morning. former international monetary fund chief dominique strauss- kahn could have his bail reduced or lifted at hearing today. >> the "new york times" reported it may be boffins with
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his accuse -- because of issues with his accuser's credibility. he's been on house arrest since may. countries around the world are struggling to deal with big budget problems. it's day four of strikes in greece where the government is approving new austerity measures. >> in britain now, tens of thousands of workers walked off the job. rita kneeson is in london with the story. >> reporter: they want the government to know what they think of pension cuts. [ people chanting ] thousands walked off the job to march through central london with picket signs. >> we don't want to strike. we don't want to cause any aggravation. we just want decent standard of living. >> reporter: they staged protest to push back against the government plan that would increase the amount they
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contribute to pensions and other issues. >> we're not going to pay for this crisis. we didn't make it. and we know the money is out there. and we think the government should be putting the money where it really is needed in the public services. >> reporter: the one day strike closed or partially closed 11,000 schools. unions says this only the beginning of disruptions they are planning this summer. some agents didn't show up for work at the airports and about half the civilians who work for the police joined the strike. >> i don't think the strike is going to help members of the trade unions. i don't think it helps the public. i don't think they help the country at large. >> reporter: police scuffled with protestors and arrested a few dozen people. but the march through london was peaceful. rita nissan for cbs news, london. >> the conservative led british government abouts to cut --


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